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Feral Threads

Celestial Cat Notebook by Feral Threads

Celestial Cat Notebook by Feral Threads

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Unveiling the "Celestial Cat" Notebook by Feral Threads – a tapestry of astronomical wonder and geometric elegance. This deep navy notebook features the ethereal beauty of a cat composed in crystalline shapes, set against a backdrop of celestial bodies that evoke the infinite expanse of the night sky.

Every purchase of this stellar notebook not only provides you with a gateway to the galaxies of your imagination but also contributes a litter tray and scoop to a kitten in need, fostering a clean and nurturing environment for their development.
The "Celestial Cat" Notebook is bound in a sleek, navy cover that's pleasant to the touch and sturdy enough to protect your musings. A matching elastic band ensures your thoughts are secure, while the premium paper inside offers a smooth canvas for your writings or drawings.

The Feral Threads crest adorns the cover, signifying your support for a brand that blends aesthetic prowess with altruistic action. It's a symbol of your commitment to the well-being of kittens as they embark on their life's adventure.

Choose the "Celestial Cat" Notebook as your constant companion for capturing ideas, dreams, or even the quiet reflections of daily life, and partake in a noble cause that extends warmth and care to our feline friends under the stars.• 80 pages of lined, cream-coloured paper
• Matching elastic closure and ribbon marker
• Expandable inner pocket
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