Our Story: Love, Passion, and Feline Inspiration

Welcome to Feral Threads, where our love for cats transcends beyond mere admiration into a tangible force for good. The brand that we are trying to cultivate is deeply rooted in the adorable and fierce spirit of cats and kittens. Our journey began with a shared love for these enchanting creatures and a professional connection that brought us closer to their world.

It was a heartwarming encounter with four feral kittens - Blackberry, Cola, Marmalade, Satsuma - and a stray cat named Freddie Polo that sparked the idea for Feral Threads. These feline friends, each with their unique personality and story of resilience, inspired us to blend our passion for fashion with a purpose far greater than just aesthetics.

Fashion with a Purpose

At Feral Threads, every garment tells a story of courage and survival, mirroring the lives of the kittens we found. Our collection is more than just apparel; it's a tribute to the spirit of these feline companions. We believe in making a difference, one paw print at a time. That's why we've committed to donating 10% of every purchase to Cats Protection UK.

While we have no official affiliation with Cats Protection UK, our ethos aligns closely with their mission. We aim to help and represent needy kittens, just like Blackberry, Cola, Marmalade, Satsuma and Freddie Polo, who have been the cornerstone of our inspiration.

Our Ethos: More Than Just Clothing

Feral Threads is more than a brand; it's a movement. Our designs reflect the fierce, independent, and resilient nature of cats, while our mission is rooted in compassion and care. We are not just creating clothes; we are fostering a community of cat enthusiasts who share our vision of a better world for our feline friends.

Join us in this journey of fashion and philanthropy. Every purchase you make not only adds to your wardrobe but also contributes to a cause close to our hearts. Together, we can make a difference, one shirt, one cat, at a time.

Feral Threads - Where Fashion Roars with Compassion.